Hi and welcome to my Blog. This blog is dedicated to Timeless Aprons. I am so excited to see that after 40 years a new generation of women are rediscovering the pleasure of putting on a pretty apron. I hope to share with everyone the Timeless Joy of having and wearing an apron and how it isn't a symbol of anything other then Home and Love.

I specialize in making aprons that actually fit the plus size and full figured woman as well as the Big and Tall man.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sassy Ruffled Apron for the Sassy Woman

I would like to introduce my newest design, the Sassy Ruffled Apron. Perfect for all of us sassy women that like to be flirty and fun, too! 

Shown on a dress form set to a 2X

Same apron shown on a dress form set to 4X

Back, waist detail, showing the loops that the straps pass through and then become waist ties. 
Allows for major adjustments in the fit and a larger range of sizing.
I will be adding more aprons in this style as soon as I can get them made up, I currently have 5 more cut out and lots of ideas for even more.

Monday, August 18, 2014

BoHo Smock

: Yup another new style!  Boho Smock or Jumper in a Homespun look made from Natural Osnaburg Muslin.   It is designed to be worn over at least a blouse, it is generously cut so can be worn over anything. Gathers at the neckline and top of the razor back.

 The shoulder straps are abt 1.5 inches wide and they swoop down to bind the arm opening. The pockets edges are bound with bias tape and than turned inside under, a gusset is added at the bottom of the pocket for a saggy look and for a roomy pocket, then they are double sewn on.
The frayed flowers are pins, so they can be removed and/or placed in different locations. (see 3rd picture)

All seams are sewn in the French lingerie method and edges are bound in bias tape to ensure a nice clean look and stronger seams. (see 4th picture)


To find out more about this smock or to order your own, please follow this link:
Smock or Jumper Plus Size - Natural Osnaburg Muslin - Full Figure - Custom sizes

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Little Black Apron

Hi all, I'm introducing a new apron style. This apron will be offered only on a custom order bases, No matter what your size.

The cross back straps are sewn to the ties with French lingerie seams and run through loops at the skirts waistline so they are adjustable for more comfort.

The ties are abt. 44" long,  for many they can be brought around to the front and tied.

All seams and edges are bound in bias tape to ensure a nice clean look even on the wrong side.

To find out more or to order this apron,
I can make this in a color other than black, I just don't have the supplies yet but if that would interest you please let me know.