How I Make the Aprons

Patterns:  I make all of my own patterns from muslin. 

Designs:  Some of my designs are influenced from vintage aprons or patterns and some are influenced from modern styles.  I really doubt if any of my original designs are truly original, the egg gathering apron probably comes the closest.

Construction Details:  All of my pockets are double sewn.  All seams are French lingerie seams or you may be more familiar with them as Jean seam, except the over lap is on the inside.  This method incases the raw edges so that raveling is kept to a minimum;  most of the time the fabric will wear out before the seams give out.  This type of seam is actually sewn 3 times to get it properly incased.  All outside edges are bound in bias tape or they are turned under twice and then machine hemmed.  As a result there are no unsightly raw or surged seams in any of my aprons.