It is very simple.  You can either choice your style or your fabric first, though you should look over all of the styles first so you will know about some of the fabric considerations.  All of the larger sizes 3XL on up, requires the fabric to be turned side ways so not all prints will look right that way.  Actually, if you do order an apron with the wrong fabric I will decline to make your apron as I want you to be happy with the finally product.  Once you understand the limitations on fabric widths, so to the Fabric section and add what fabric you want to your cart.  I've set it up this way as it will enable quantity controls but also there wont be an doubt on what fabric you want for your apron.  There is no charges being added for the fabric and the fabric will not be sold separately.

When you add your style to your cart you will pick your trim color.  Not all of the apron styles require bias trim but most do.

Once you've added everything to your cart, simply check out and pay for your order.  Within a few days of receiving your order I will cut it out and start to work.