About me

Hi, My name is Anita and I've been sewing for about 50 years, as I learned to sew at my mother's and grandmother's knees.  Even though I have never sewn professionally until recently, I did make the majority of my business clothes for the many years that I worked in corporate America.

I want to be sure that you receive an apron that is what you want, so please order the correct size and length. These aprons are Made-To-Order by size, I do not pre-make them nor do I have them manufactured, once the order is placed I cut and sew your apron for you. I do all of the work, I do not have helpers nor do I have piece work done, so everything from making the patterns, purchasing the supplies, cutting out your unique apron all of the way to mailing your order is done by one person, me! I absolutely love it!