International:  at this time I only have a few countries set up with shipping charges. If you want to purchase an apron from me and you are not in Canada, Australia or the UK, please email me first so that I can set your country up.

Shipping Charges:  The shopping cart that I'm currently using isn't very sophisticated in determining shipping charges, much like Etsy, if you buy more then 1 apron at a time, you will more then likely be over charged.  I will refund any excessive overage once I've created the postage label.

Shipping Schedule:  Ready Made aprons are usually in the mail in 1 to 3 business days. I sometime mail on the weekend so I'm not hard and fast about that, it is just a guideline. If you need it quicker it never hurts to include a note.  Custom and made to order usually take a week but can take longer, again if you are in a hurry please email me before ordering to insure I can make your deadlines.